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Kenneth Tucker

Professor of Sociology


From the Princeton Review:

“My goals are to have students understand the readings and concepts, learn to criticize them, and develop their own arguments about the readings and issues,” says Mount Holyoke College sociology professor Kenneth H. Tucker Jr.


He is not a “flaky teacher”; his students consider him to be well organized, knowledgeable, and in possession of a terrific sense of humor. “He was always clear on his requirements, stuck to the syllabus, made himself available outside class and CONSISTENTLY advertised his office hours and reminded us to come,” says a student. “He is such a nice guy; willing to talk anytime about career, grad school, assignments, and life. [He] makes lectures really interesting.”


His classes include his yearly Classical and Contemporary Social Theory courses, which he enjoys “because the complex readings challenge the students, and they learn to understand and criticize important and substantive arguments.” He’s been bringing his “organized but relaxed” teaching style to students for twenty-five years; typically, he’ll lecture for a bit, and then ask the students questions on the readings. “I use personal stories, humor, and occasionally videos to spark discussion. I try to incorporate what my students say into the discussion, so that they feel ownership for the class and the material,” he says. “You can tell he’s brilliant, but he never flaunts it, and he makes everything easy to understand,” says a student.

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Taken on April 5, 2012