Cinderella at MAC 11-12/07
Cinderella - The World's Favorite Fairy Tale was presented by Stageworks at the Mesa Arts Center, directed by Don Doyle and produced by Jennifer Akridge. Mark Goldstein, International Research Center provided the Narrator's Voice in his first theatrical appearance. The production opened Friday, November 30 and ran to Sunday, December 16, 2007.

Cinderella - The World's Favorite Fairy Tale by Lowell Swortzell is a child friendly, multicultural production of Cinderella, the universal fairytale of magic and kindness helping a poor girl find and win her prince. The Cinderella everyone knows and loves introduces children to the character from three distinct cultures: the Chinese Plum Blossom, Vasilisa of Russian folklore and Rough Face, from the Native American Micmac tribe. The three tales are woven together in a delightful play that enchants audiences of all ages and shows that no matter where you are in the world, dreams do come true.

The performance and after party on December 7, 2007 pictured here were held to benefit The Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship to provide fellowships encouraging advanced study for developing artists in the area of performance for young adults.

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