ComDef Tucson 2007 10/29-30/07
ComDef Tucson 2007 was produced by IDEEA, Inc. and held at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson, AZ on 10/29-30/07.

People, goods and technologies are crossing international borders at an accelerating rate, and where these transitions are illegal, have the considerable potential to de-stabilize the existing order. Terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, counterfeiting, smuggling and immigration are the most obvious examples.

ComDef Tucson 2007 was co-moderated by the United States and Canada, with the participation of many countries and companies familiar with these border issues, sharing experiences and suggesting solutions for early application.

Photos by Mark Goldstein, President, International Research Center. IRC was priviledged to matchmake and facilitate the ComDef Tucson 2007 experience for some 15 visiting Canadian firms and thanks the Canadian Consulate of Tucson for the opportunitiy.

You may purchase individual prints through Flickr or its partners. For permission to use in corporate communications or for other purposes, please contact Mark Goldstein directly at 602-470-0389 or
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