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X Rays | by mezzoblue
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X Rays

Sigh. Never a good thing when you need to see photos of your own bones.


I was enjoying a nice wide open field of snow at the top of Blackcomb yesterday. As I was going straight down the hill, a skiier was essentially going straight across and our paths crossed. I must have noticed him earlier when he was well away from me, but not his angle. Surprisingly we didn't make contact; I crossed the back of his skiis, and then we both fell. He got up and asked if I was okay ("no", I said) and skiied away. Thanks, pal.


A ski patrol snowmobile showed up a while later, I jumped on and we headed up to a chalet where I was then strapped in to a ski sled and rode backwards down most of the rest of the mountain.


On the first set of X-Rays (left), everything looked normal, no bones broken, all good. The swelling was pretty bad, so the doctor ordered a second set (right).


The second set seemed to indicate there was at least one fracture in my talus (foot bone right underneath the ankle), but it's a hard bone to capture on X-Ray, so I now have an appointment with a specialist this week to get a CT scan and see if surgery will be needed. Based on my Googling, the answer is probably yes.


This all wouldn't be quite so bad, but both feet were involved in the same weird ankle twist that caused this, so my left foot was seriously sprained at the same time. It'll heal in a few days, but I'm pretty much not able to walk at the moment, even with crutches.


So I'm considering renting a wheelchair for the week. Wondering if it could be a business write-off.. "Learning about accessiblity needs first-hand: $65"

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Uploaded on April 5, 2009