Neal's Yard

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    I had the oddest experience here.

    The day after @Media, Jeremy led a group of us out to lunch. We wandered up from St. James's Park, through Covent Garden, and ended up entering this little side alley into a place called Neal's Yard that (I thought) I'd never heard of before.

    As soon as we walked in, I'm sure my eyes bulged. "I've been here, I've totally been here..." I said, continuing with "...on Flickr."

    Sure enough, not two or three days prior, I had seen this photo.

    First time that's happened to me. Very odd online/offline world muddying happening here, and I'm guessing it's far from the last time that'll happen, now that we have Flickr.

    1. kurafire 106 months ago | reply

      Hehehe, yeah that's certainly going to happen more often from now on.

      I haven't really had that myself (yet), though I did have it from getting to locations in London that I'd visited 6 years ago and going "hey.. I was here as an even younger kid! cool…"

    2. Ms. Jen 106 months ago | reply

      Several folks in the group thought they had seen Neal's Yard before.

      Flickr = Deja Vu.

    3. Lexiphanic 106 months ago | reply

      You're around London, Dave?

      I swear I saw you on New Oxford Street last week. I was going to stop you (or your doppelganger) to introduce myself but developed massive stagefright instead.

    4. mezzoblue 106 months ago | reply

      I was most definitely on New Oxford last week. Tuesday afternoon, to be precise. Shoulda said hi!

    5. bongiben 106 months ago | reply

      been there done that (stayed another 11 years)

      did you see the skate shop?

      anyway you need to check east london next time and see what s going on there

    6. Gilgongo 106 months ago | reply

      I saw Trumanswater play in the basement of that skate shop. We then went up after with their drummer to eat organic dates. Lovely.

    7. martytdx 106 months ago | reply

      Pretty amazing when the world blends like that. I haven't had it happen to me in that direction, only seeing shots of things/places that I know well and can ID on site (such as a particular small waterfall in RMNP).

    8. Luke Hardiman 105 months ago | reply

      Rough Trade is under the skate shop, good records, moody record geek staff behind the counter. Probably blew the equivalent of house deposit down there in my 8 years in the big smoke.

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