• Oh yeah!

    What's interesting to note is that when it first connects, the entire 'Rogers Wireless' id scrolls back and forth across this area.

    CLEARLY they've thought about how to support non-AT&T carriers in such a small amount of screen real estate.


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iPhone on Rogers, thanks to the new free software unlock.

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  1. DeaPeaJay 92 months ago | reply

    Cool! But how are you working past the high data rates on Rogers?

  2. mezzoblue 92 months ago | reply

    Basically wifiing the hell out of it.

    I've got 25MB/mo, which I actually struggle to come close to using on my Treo. As long as I stay away from YouTube and use discretion on Google Maps I think I'll be okay.

    Of course, I may have a $1200 international data bill of my own to post on here before long.

  3. Ms. Jen 92 months ago | reply

    Yeah! Success!

  4. Patrick Haney 92 months ago | reply

    Have fun with that, until the next iPhone software update of course.

  5. stilldavid 92 months ago | reply

    Gah, I'd burn through 25MB in a day if I wasn't careful! Congrats, though, it's nice to hear that these things actually work :)

  6. cookiecrook 92 months ago | reply

    Be careful. There is currently no way to shut off Edge completely, and it flips back and forth more often than you might think. You could try to get an unlimited data plan, even if it's expensive; it might still be cheaper than Edge by the Kb.

  7. mezzoblue 92 months ago | reply

    "Have fun with that, until the next iPhone software update of course."

    Unless it's specifically in their contract with AT&T, it's obviously not in Apple's best interest to lock these down again. I'm half hoping they won't.

    But, preparing for the worst, I'll be holding off for a few days on any new software updates (and iTunes for that matter) to see what happens.

  8. scottboms 92 months ago | reply

    Nice! Me too - works great!

  9. James_Chung 92 months ago | reply

    did youtube work when you unlock your iphone?

  10. mezzoblue 92 months ago | reply

    Yep, YouTube still works fine. I made a point of checking that, I heard of the glitch. Even had a restore script at the ready in case it didn't, but I didn't need it.

  11. Sam Kellett [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

    On your note. I think that the textbox widget used for showing the carrier is a default widget for the iphone/ipod which is automatically programmed to scroll if the text exceeds the length of the textbox. Like long song names on the iPod (and iPhone too I expect, haven't touched one yet though).

    Infact it's the opposite, they made it long enough to show AT&T without the annoyance of it scrolling.

  12. jayallen 92 months ago | reply

    But wait a minute... If that's your iPhone in the picture, then how did you take the-- ohhhhhhh. Now that's some serious unlocking!

  13. 1WAdeO [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

    Is there any other functionality you are losing? I'm not familiar with Rogers, but this should work equally well with T-Mobile right? I assumed that YouTube, google maps, and other web-connected native apps would break. not true? thanks!

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