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These were my birthday tamales. Gracias suegra :)

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  1. mocmoc 104 months ago | reply

    Yum! Did you eat ALL of these?

  2. Mexicanwave 104 months ago | reply

    Err...no. They were shared among la familia. I must've had about 5 :)

  3. taylorkoa22 104 months ago | reply

    I'm Jealous....

  4. hukes 104 months ago | reply

    Hmmmm... tamales!
    Steve, is your wife mexican?

  5. Mexicanwave 104 months ago | reply

    Yes, Hugo...es Mexicana. Here she is (with the girls) during a recent trip to Mexico in April.

  6. lamarstyle 104 months ago | reply

    I can almost taste them!

  7. hukes 104 months ago | reply

    Steve, from the photograph I can say she's a nice lady!

  8. Mexicanwave 104 months ago | reply

    I'll tell her, Hugo :)

    Gicela was born here.

  9. waywuwei 104 months ago | reply

    We have a wonderful Mexican grandmother named Reigna (sp?) who comes by once a week with a plastic bucket with fresh tamales. She always has a grandchild with her and sometimes they come by alone. She makes pollo, carne and queso tamales. I love them all but the queso is my current favorite. It has queso and chilies. Que Rico! Eaten fresh soon after they are made, they just melt in your mouth. I'm getting hungry writing this and looking at your picture!!!

  10. blueskygirl 104 months ago | reply

    Yummy, I would love to taste these!

  11. > Angel-Gonzalez.es 104 months ago | reply

    de las cosas mas ricas que se pueden comer en mx.

  12. mayavilla 103 months ago | reply

    Amoooooooo los tamaleeeeeeeees los amo de verdad, yo seria feliz comiendo tamales toda mi vida... es mas ya hasta se me hizo agua la boca imaginandome unos de chile verde, de chile rojo o los tipicos de rajas con queso!! mmm chomi chomi!

  13. Donnatella G 101 months ago | reply

    Your suegra is definitely muy querida -- making tamales for someone is a real labor (and I stress "labor"!) of love! My aunt makes the best with puerco y pasas---as the previous poster said, chomi chomi!

  14. Hake 96 months ago | reply

    Estos tamales son deliciosos! No me canso de comerlos cada q voy al pueblo de mi madre.

  15. tamaleshuck 84 months ago | reply

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  18. Lorena Angulo 62 months ago | reply

    I make tamales Today ;-}

  19. AthenaGoodRosa 62 months ago | reply

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