CCF"s Carcinoid/NET Symposium April 16, 2009
On April 26 the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation held its 11th patient physician educational symposium at Moint Sinai Medical Center..
Over 10O patients, caregivers and medical professionals adttended this educational and support event.
The physician portion was filmed and is availabe as a webcast. Jonathan Slon filmed the patient panel portion which is being used as the base for an upcoming documentary on the trials and tribulations of living with carcinoid/NET cancers.
The CCF is unique in that it of covers all aspects of NIH recommended guidelines to support those more than 100,000 individuals who live with this rare disease by educating the public and supporting research to enhance treatment options with the ultimate goal of finding a cure.
We thank all (escpecially CCAN and the NJ Carcinoid Network) who have contributed to the success of these annual symposia for close toten years. without your help CCF's efforts could not be possible.
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