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A custom guitar built for the 2007 Jersey City Studio Artists Tour.

- Double neck 6-string guitar, 4-string mandolin
- Onboard digital effects Distortion, Chorus and Flanger
- Onboard analog Theremaniacs theremin
- Onboard chromatic tuner
- Scalloped brass nut on guitar and mandolin
- LED fret markers
- LED pickup indicators
- 1/4 scalloped neck on guitar
- 6-bolt neck
- Matching amplifier
- 60's styled chrome accents

Built 8/2007

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veloopity says:

very beautiful ... I wonder what it can do musically?
Would you post a little video?
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Mark Dalzell says:

Sorry it was already sold... It was pretty easy to play, but weighed a ton with all the electronics in it :) The theremin was tuned to be sensitive enough that you could play the guitar and theremin at the same time.. which was a challenge... I'm planning a new one for the next show this fall, so stay tuned for pictures of that one...
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