listen to ME!

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    basically what I'm trying to say here is that I don't listen...even to myself. and when I do finally hear myself, it's totally a shock to me.

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    1. Digital Blue 112 months ago

      The image communicates its message well but it still does not speak to me.

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    2. -.- [deleted] 112 months ago

      Kind of funny, but nothing besides

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    3. Robin Thom 112 months ago


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    4. Lane Overstreet 112 months ago

      Woah, way too much contrast. Also, it's a little dark. And to be completely honest, the expression on the left guy's face is pretty off-putting. This photo is obviously staged, so the expression could be perfected.

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    5. Orange_Beard 112 months ago

      from the sound of some of your comments, some of you cannot tell that it is the same person. this is me on the left and me on the right. just to clarify that if it is confusing. haha.

    6. avocat 112 months ago

      very explicit without any explanations. :)) ingenious composition; real life emotions. Score 8/10 (from the Score Me!

    7. mr3wan 112 months ago

      Interesting Idea, I like the concept. Something about the first face seems odd to me. Not sure if its photoshopped or what, but it feels odd to me, and as mentioned a bit contrasty, but I think its something else
      Score 6/10 (from the Score Me!

    8. gallow_chris 112 months ago

      Same comments as "mr3wan"
      Score 6/10 (from the Score Me!

    9. Old Mister Crow 112 months ago

      Nice concept; unimpressive execution. Poor crop; poor contrast.

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    10. raichovak 112 months ago


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    11. 짜디그노스 (Zadignose) 112 months ago

      It's pretty good, it's fun, but I'm not entirely convinced. ME on right seems to be shouting past the front of ME on left, rather than shouting at him or into his ear. I admit I'm a bit narrow minded when it comes to judging photo-collages of multiple mes... which is ironic in it's own way... I've been experiencing a lot of irony in deleteme lately.

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    12. 112 months ago

      I like this one. Good photoshop work. Too bad you did not put the same effort in shooting the pictures. The background is awful, so are the shadows of the flash.

      you're out: delteme10

    13. susafri 112 months ago

      I think its funny as hell.

    14. wagsdot911 112 months ago

      This is great! Crazy!

    15. donkeypoof 112 months ago

      photo on the left looks a little more like 'oops i sharted' than 'ok you got my attn.'

    16. Orange_Beard 112 months ago


      that's exactly what else would I get that "look".

    17. c r i s 112 months ago

      Fun photo! I like it!

    18. Yahoo! Answers Editorial 97 months ago

      Cool picture! I used it on the Yahoo! Answers front page to complement a question in the Featured Content module.

      Yahoo! Answers Editor

    19. AndersSteenNilsen 75 months ago

      Nice photo! I saw it in this Norwegian news article:

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