Chicago Life Magazine meets the Isolated Building Studies

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    From the The New York Times' Chicago Life Magazine.

    Here's the cover photo. Inside, this photo is on the table of contents page.

    The issue is now out and live online.

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    1. miz_booshay ages ago | reply

      Congrats! So happy for you!!!

    2. PhotoAbuse ages ago | reply

      Way to go man! It's about time. I'm still holding out for the coffee table book though....

    3. floozefactor ages ago | reply

      you know what? you rule.

    4. Andy Marfia ages ago | reply

      Cool... congrats!

    5. Mr.Rosco ages ago | reply

      It´s a fantastic project.

    6. radiowires ages ago | reply

      awesome dave. looks great.

    7. metroblossom ages ago | reply

      Thanks, all! I'm really happy with how it worked out.

    8. paul goyette ages ago | reply

      congrats! it looks beautiful on the cover.

      (i too am holding out for a coffee table book)

    9. Aaron Bray ages ago | reply

      Congrats man, can you see it anywhere outside of Chicago?

    10. rjseg1 ages ago | reply

      David, I'm leafing through my Sunday New York Times and the Chicago Life supplement falls out. I look at the photo on the cover and say to myself, "hey, someone is imitating David's work!" I open it up to the Table of Contents, and, wait, it's you. I rush upstairs to the computer and realize this is old news. Congratulations, regardless. Bob

    11. jdunlevy ages ago | reply

      Yeah! Nice to see. And a book really would be great!

    12. artmusiclife ages ago | reply

      Good job buddy.

    13. Dania Hurley ages ago | reply

      Congratulations! You deserve it.

    14. Kevin Bauman ages ago | reply

      Nice images!

    15. skron ages ago | reply

      Congrats! Quite an achievement.

    16. metroblossom ages ago | reply

      Again, thank you! I really appreciate it.

      I love the idea of the book too -- now if only I could find a publisher...

    17. Hello ChateauHo ages ago | reply

      I saw the magazine when it first came out. Very nice!

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