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Glow 2011 - Eindhoven (Netherlands) | by Meteorry
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Glow 2011 - Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Glow 2011 Eindhoven 12/11/2011 21h46

Project: Michel Suk en Bart van Dongen / Beauty of stagnation

Location: TU/e en Kennispoort


On the TU/e campus and surrounding area lighting designer Michel Suk fully lightens different buildings and landscape elements. Large-scale installations slowly change color or reveal patterns which alternately show chaos and order. Because the light programs are linked together, the overall view is impressive. Visitors walk through a landscape of light and color in which vistas and sight lines continuously cause other images. To mark the 120 year anniversary of Philips the concern supports this project of Michel Suk. His work seamlessly connect to the Philips theme of ‘Livable Cities’.


Absolute eye-catcher in this large installation is the building of Kennispoort. This is the scenery for a co-production of Michel Suk and composer Bart van Dongen. Accompanied by a wind instruments ensemble and electronics a choir of 150 to 200 singers performs a new composition by Bart van Dongen. By using projections Michel Suk provides for a powerful visual counterweight. Because Van Dongen and Suk have worked together from the start lighting and sound are integrated beautifully.


Both images and music of Beauty of stagnation are based on the Fibonacci number sequence, which describes growth processes in nature. In both media small entities accumulate to large and complex constructions. For example the projection of a line develops into a tree structure or a color into a fine mosaic. The words and sounds of the music composition evolve gradually into extensive rhythms and tunes.

This project was adopted by PHILIPS.



GLOW – International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture

Eindhoven 2011 I 6th Edition I ‘Illusion and reality’.

Due to the dedication of CityDynamiek Eindhoven, from November, 5th to 12th, 2011, the city center of Eindhoven turns again into a forum of interventions, installations, performances and events based on the phenomena of artificial light.


The Subject 2011: ‘Illusion and reality’


Eindhoven is a city of many aspects, it changes between day and night

between being open and insular, between dense architecture and

green open spaces between light and a dark. What one moment

seems a peaceful garden, becomes if twilight falls, a decor of eerie

shadows. What could be perceived as a romantic bridge during the day

or a chilly bicycle tunnel, in the evening, becomes a beacon of light or

a maze of color.

What is the illusion and what is the reality, or where does art begin

and reality end ?

Or is Eindhoven’s reality already an art in itself? GLOW 2011 aims

to show a multitude of these aspects in a route which connects two

pivotal institutions celebrating their anniversary this year, respectively

the Technical University Eindhoven’s (TU/e) 55th anniversary and the

Van Abbemuseum’s 75th anniversary. In doing so, let us wisely meet in

the middle of illusion and reality, because if Eindhoven embodies truly

creativity both necessary.


GLOW 2011

Illusion and reality you would call an ephemeral theme.

It touches on notions like flair and discovery, searching for knowledge and

the imperceptible creative passion of humans beings, something that is not

(yet) known, let alone seen.

Where science and art meet, light is an essential intangible building block.

And it is that connective light that GLOW 2011 wants the public to experience.

The route this years’ net casts is roughly divided into two parts.

On the one hand, there is the well-known urban environment of the

18 September Square, the Market Square and the Town Hall square; places

where concrete and intense contemporary urbanity set the tone and where

artists with firm statements break thought the advertising, street lighting

and consumerism.

On the other hand there are the intimate, romantic banks of the river Dommel

and the lush green spaces around one of the most beautiful campuses in the Netherlands.

It is not easy for artists to add that the impressive context without using

dramatic light. Is it reality or illusion, the magic middle where the two meet?

Who knows? But above all, does it matter?

If you can enjoy the experience you can consider the things you thought you knew and learn just a little bit different more from the realms of the unknown.


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