7M Interceptor Unmanned Surface Vessel The Watcher
The Watcher is part of a USCG program called Maritime Domain Awareness. This low cost USV, The Watcher, is just finishing 30 X 24/7 days 40 miles off Hawaii, guarding a restricted 20 sq mile area of the Pacific. Most days the waves were 10-12 feet. The boat would drift, engine off till she reached the far end of the area. It would then power up and move to the upper end of the area, shut off her Volvo diesel and drift with all electronics on, surveilling at all times day and night. The solar panels would keep the batteries charged. She is easily movable and fits in a 40' container for shipping worldwide. Our autonomy partner SIS (Spacial Integrated Systems) of Virginia Beach VA were able to control the Watcher from VA Beach or from anywhere in the world. They are currently in the process of getting Export Control approval for International Sales. More pics are coming from Hawaii trials shortly.
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