NESF-M01TA Command
Medium reFrame
Effective Range: Medium
Classification: Tactical Assault
Armaments: (1) RF-NC021B Rifle, (1) RL-FRPG01

The Command is a reFrame piloted only by those most experienced of NEST veterans. Designed to withstand prolonged battles while not sacrifing mobility and performance, the Command strikes with speed and

deadly accuracy in urban and jungle scenarios.

- - -

Build notes:

Had built this guy as a superior model of the Seeker, taking and evolving it's design into a bulkier and more formidable looking mech. The head and wearable "eye" design was something I've been wanting

to do previously on the Seeker but was only able to pull it off on this guy (thanks to a droid body). Wanted to actually make it with a full olive green color scheme but apparently I didn't have too much

of it so had to use some old dark grey and DBG so it turned out okay.

The RPG is probably the piece I enjoyed building the most here hehe modeled it like one of those WW1-WW2 military RPGs and really happy with how it turned out.
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