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ARMT-H07LA Waltz | by Messymaru
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ARMT-H07LA Waltz

Hybrid / Medium reFrame

Effective Range: Long

Classification: Tactical Assault

Armaments: (1) LG-MKSA03A


The ARMT-H07LA Waltz was originally conceived as a reFrame capable of being stationed in sub-orbital or beyond environments, sniping down targets with its Linear Gun from extreme distances while at the


same time being too far from any potential retaliation from enemy troops. Featuring a more compact design that most of it's ARMaTech siblings, it's constructed of light weight yet durable alloy.


While it has never been intended to be deployed anywhere else but space, recent sorties have forced ARMaTech to deploy a few Waltz reFrames on Earth atmosphere, often designated as extremely long sniper




- - -


Build notes:


This reFrame actually started out with the gun as a core concept. I badly wanted to make a linear gun using the long 1x16 railed piece (apparently a Train track 16L) and while I already had a decent idea


on the gun design, I needed a mech to go with it :P Opted to make something a little more futuristic to go with the gun. Oddly enough this guy started in LBG but after making the head and body, I


scrapped it and rebuilt it in white and orange.

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Uploaded on July 31, 2015