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AL-VZ02MAH Vzir' Ran | by Messymaru
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AL-VZ02MAH Vzir' Ran

Medium reFrame

Effective Range: Short

Classification: Close Combat

Armaments: (1) PA-ALVZRSCY


Created specifically for the Kingdom of Vzir's twin male monarch, Ran Al' Vzir, this unique Ascendant Lord reFrame is truly a design that stands magnificent on its own.


The AL-VZ02MAH was designed as a hulking shadowy reFrame that would strike fear into the hearts of any opponent. With the SCY-ALVZR, a hulking scythe made specifically for this reFrame, coupled with Ran Al' Vzir's incredible proficiency with the weapon of death, the Vzir'Ran is a deadly close combat reFrame that no army would want to cross paths with.


- - -


Build notes:


Finally a caped mech for this Mech Wars! Actually had conceptualized the Vzir'Rin and Vzir'Ran as a deadly duo, the yin and yang of a certain Kingdom of Vzir. I imagined them to be formidable reFrames but being rulers of their country, they would not carelessly venture into battle unless forced (and opposing factions would not want to force them).


The hardest part of this build was to construct the shoulders. I had a rough idea even before starting how to go about it but having them stay "flat" like so was more challenging that I had initially thought (the first attempt had the shoulders built into the shoulders and gave it this weird inward angle).


The scythe was challenging since I didn't want to use a bionicle piece for the scythe blade (don't think there even is one big enough that fits the almost-half circle edge of a scythe). The length of the shaft is around 20L? Had a really long technic axle that I used for the base.


Check out his twin white sister over here:


Sorry for the lack of back details on this guy due to the cape :P

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Uploaded on July 20, 2015