2019 Pitch for a Million
June 5, 2019 was the finale to what was a remarkable journey for our eight University of Baltimore Real Estate Fellows as they culminate their 10-weeks of intensive study by pitching their neighborhood development proposal to a panel of experts.

The winning proposal will get the necessary financing up to $1 million in a “Guidance Line of Credit” from Baltimore Community Lending to proceed with the project.

Bill Ariano, president and CEO of Baltimroe COmmuity Lending announced that not just one pitch would move forward, but three! Green, Ratajczak and the trio of Casey, Ferraz and Wyatt were all chosen to have their projects move on to the next stages of financing. Subject to successfully making it through the underwriting process, this could mean up to $2 million being invested in the ideas of UB students and alumni. Ariano added that Holmes and Aje should continue on and work with his team to continue to tweak their proposals for future funding.
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