What’s in my bag? Yes. I will cut you.

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    My life can be somewhat complex.

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    1. Lalitree ages ago

      I love that you HAD four boxes of AllergyCare to contribute to this photo.

    2. merlinmann ages ago

      @Matt: I used to carry a girl in there, but she kept eating my limes and used up way too much toilet paper.

      @Brian: I'm staying at a friend's place offsite, but I'm easy to spot. Just look for the guy in the toupee with the vi book and the CamelBak full of Fernet-Branca.

      @Alexander: In my experience, if you always carry a toy wookie and a box-cutter, everything else just sort of falls into place.

      @Lalitree: That's a net 6,000 mg of pseudoephedrine. Just in case I need to get "jacked" before I cut up some punk's sorry ass.

    3. pigpogm ages ago

      I'm looking forward to the 43f article on Getting Things Done with Chewbacca, One Lime, and Lots of Toilet Paper.

    4. grubi ages ago

      Who wants to be out on the road without a potato masher or a Chewbacca? How many times have you found yourself screaming, "Why didn't I bring the Chewbacca?!"

    5. MichRennie ages ago

      What's truly frightening is that your 'offsite friend' already has all of this...including the wookie.

    6. merlinmann ages ago

      Hey, it's my "offsite friend!"

      I'll leave my hand sanitizer at home.

    7. MichRennie ages ago

      Well if that's the case, then maybe you should bring your own wookie.

    8. KD6MSM ages ago

      I am never without my Kershaw Leek either (I went "plain-edged".

    9. merlinmann ages ago

      It's a terrific knife, if a bit terrifying looking.

      It's held its edge longer than any knife I've owned and it opens like a breeze, one-handed, as you know.

    10. boogah ages ago


    11. Jake Sutton ages ago

      This may be terribly crude (and I may be totally alone in this), but the potato masher looks like some kind of robot butt plug.

    12. merlinmann ages ago

      I don't have a joke here, I just love saying "robot butt plug."

      /letterman mode

    13. n0d 110 months ago

      I... well... I don't understand why you travel with toilet tissue.

    14. checkdigits 110 months ago

      n0d - are you mad? You mean you *don't* travel with toilet tissue?

    15. merlinmann 110 months ago

      I suppose I could see not carrying the toilet paper so long as you bring a few extra wookies and a much larger bottle of hand sanitizer.

    16. Randy D Gerdes 110 months ago

      Thx Jake. I didn't recognize that as a potato masher. I'm trying to connect the dots between that and the toilet tissue. Merlin?

    17. pigpogm 110 months ago

      >I didn't recognize that as a potato masher. I'm trying to connect the dots between that and the toilet tissue.

      The combination of fibre and citrus fruits.

    18. youngamerican 48 months ago

      I would have never thought that such a great dual-use tool would come from the combination of a potato masher and a dildo.

    19. merlinmann 48 months ago

      It's a BUTT PLUG, Jesse.

      I'm not a goddamned woman, fer chrissakes.

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