(10 plus 2)*5

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    1. caitlinburke ages ago

      In formulas such as this, the blue quantity tends to drop over time, so I think "iterate" might be shorthand for MAKES JACK A DULL BOY.

    2. presta ages ago

      But how - and I'm sincere in this question - am I to only surf the blogs/flickr/tinymixtapes/sfist/etc. for only two minutes?

      I am all of the qualities that represent the person most in need of this system, but when I try to implement on my own, I just can't stick to so little time.

      But I guess GTD is all about discipline, eh? Okay, enough whining from me - wussy boy! - I'll get to work. I think this comment leaves me about 45 seconds to check out 5ives ;)

    3. Mend_JC ages ago

      Fantastic! :) especially "because you’re a pathetic bastard like me whose mind can be tricked into work as easily as it can be lulled into torpor." Thank you very much! :)

    4. Moses Noghbaudie ages ago

      Basically it's like this, for those of us motivated to work for ourselves, as in our own jobs/schooling/etc, then this is how you get shit done.

      At jobs bosses enforce some sort of work ethic, when you're the boss of yourself you must implement your own work ethic. And if i were paying me, i'd expect the labor my jobs get when i'm 'on the payroll'.

      So (10 2)*5 is a means to work, with no boss over the shoulder, and keep yourself accountable.

      A dull boy? When i play, i can play all i want and know i have the work covered, so i can play without guilt.

    5. mcfiredrill 92 months ago

      So its * 5, making one hour. What do you do after the one hour?

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