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What’s in my menubar? | 43 Folders


Adium - excellent IM app

Skitch - Beta of a mind-blowing screen capture app

Twitterrific - Gives me my Twitter crack

iScrobbler - Relays my "now playing" info to

quicksilver - Duh. It’s Quicksilver

Spirited Away - Handy app that hides non-active apps. As seen in my MacBreak demo. Would benefit from an update to Universal Binary

ChronoSync - Very cool app for keeping two folders synced

Growl - Notifications out the booty (personally, I like "Music Video" style notifications)

SynergyKM - App to let you share a keyboard and mouse between multiple computers. Haven’t gotten it working yet, but I plan to.

Remote Desktop - Control one Mac from another Mac. - Almost-saving grace of the is automatic syncing of iCal, Mail, contacts, etc.

SoundSource - Free app for changing sound inputs and outputs (highly recommended for musicians and podcasters)

Spotlight - It’s a piece of crap, but it’s our piece of crap. I tend to use the Quicksilver plug-in more often.


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Uploaded on April 27, 2007