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It was time.

Back to Joey after a long hiatus.

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  1. merlinmann 90 months ago

    I do love those girls on the swim team.

    So were you fronting today or are you still a Joey man?

  2. bryanrmason 90 months ago

    Still wouldn't let you hold my guns.

  3. 5500 90 months ago

    I think you look v. handsome.

  4. gordasm 90 months ago

    Now all you need's the wet look gel á la Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" era. That'd be hottt.

  5. Ivan Brezak Brkan 90 months ago

    You could have just dyed you hair blond... ;)

  6. flickrich 90 months ago

    Joey done good...

  7. macfixer 90 months ago

    Looking sharp! With a handsome haircut and a positive attitude, you'll find a normal job lickity-split


  8. aplumb 90 months ago

    It has a certain "Jim Carrey" look to it... That new "stealth-crazy" look. :-)

  9. Jasper Morris 90 months ago

    Are you trying to get a real job?

  10. merlinmann 90 months ago

    I have to tape a few segments of Call for Help in Toronto next week, and I was not prepared to do so looking like a hipster yeti.

    Enough is enough, I sez! :)

  11. spasticantelope 90 months ago

    Hipster yeti? I think you just created a new sub-category. Congratulations! Expect it to show up on t-shirts in Williamsburg within a week.

  12. macfixer 90 months ago

    Hipster Yeti -- sounds like a Seinfeld thing.


  13. kfan 90 months ago

    Dang, give the ladies half a chance!

  14. Jestutripup 90 months ago

    My deepest apologies, but your dimples are almost as cute as Sean Carruthers. You look like a widdle kid. Have a safe trip and stay above freezing.

    "ok everyone, place your bets here on how soon it will grow back."

  15. Maggie Mason (Mighty Girl) 90 months ago

    Wow. I like the long hair too, but the short hair is really flattering on you.

  16. ethankap 90 months ago

    oh my god.

  17. richard winchell 90 months ago

    The Santa beard is a nice touch for the season.

  18. bengarland 90 months ago

    Oh man, I got linked here for the Flickr trick, and I just realized that you're the guy that does the 43 Folders site (right?). Awesome. Nice work.

  19. Yaanu 90 months ago

    You've been'd. Congrats.

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