Dave Ramsey: "Why We Don't Take Credit Cards"

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    I couldn't personally finish drinking the Kool-Aid on Dave Ramsey's money management stuff (his advice is sensible but his style and the "just folks" testimonials are repetitive to the point of brain-gouging).

    But, this is something that really impressed me. I've told a bunch of people about it so I figured I'd share it here too.

    Ramsey is (very sensibly, in my opinion) against credit cards to the point of demanding you not even have one with a zero balance. Which is easy enough to say, but, check it out...

    He won't even accept a credit card to sign up for his stuff. Gotta use a debit card or other cash equivalent. That, my friends, takes giant stones.

    Next time you evaluate some guru, look at how he handles the business of fixing your problem ONCE: does his actual business reflect the values that he espouses? Or does he go for the easy dough (and attention) you can wring out of a desperate person?

    Kudos to Dave Ramsey and his company for walking a gutsy line.

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    1. PDub 77 months ago

      I would use my debit card online all the time, if it had the same fraud protections a credit card has. If Dave Ramsey, or anyone else decides to clean out my checking account... I'm just out that money. A fraudulent charge against my credit card can be disputed and removed, and I have lost nothing.

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