Evening Reconnaissance Mission

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    Mission accomplished. And only a block away.

    I realize now that I probably looked insane, laying on the sidewalk on a foggy Sunday night, repeatedly photographing a child's shoe.


    Addendum 2008-12-01 18:38:17:

    Photography, and the Tolerance for Courageous Sucking” is a 43 Folders post inspired by laying on the ground like a giant nerd in order to take this photo.

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    1. ethankap 66 months ago

      which lens?

    2. blurb 66 months ago

      These are a godsend for kids. Plus, sweet DOF, bro.

      I really want to tag this "cloggy clog clog" but decided against it.

    3. merlinmann 66 months ago

      Thanks, guys. I'm finally (finally) just barely starting to get my head around how my goddamned camera works.

      That's the yummy Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. Recommended by Chris Glass and a game-changer for me.

      Putting the 50mm on a 30D and just shooting in "P" for a year was a great way to feel more comfortable with the camera and just concentrate on one variable: what's in the frame.

      Now I'm slowly introducing variables, one at a time, starting mainly with "Av" (but still leaving the ISO as low as I can stand).

      Constraints, constraints.

    4. Brian Sawyer 66 months ago

      I saw the photo and thought, "yeah, I've totally been there." Then, I read the 43 Folders post and sat back in deeper recognition. Great photo, Merlin, and even better commentary.

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