Lo-Carb Chicago Dog

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    Atrocity, or best thing ever, depending on your perspective.

    * Hebrew National dinner-sized, all-beef hot dog
    * 2 leaves, green-leaf lettuce
    * ±1 tbsp., yellow mustard
    * ±1 tbsp., pickle relish
    * 3 organic cherry tomatoes
    * big dash of celery salt

    Comes in around 6-10g by my reckoning. And it was great.

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    1. blob renno ages ago

      damn man. what a beautiful specimen.

    2. bilder2blogg 103 months ago

      Hello Mr Merlinmann!

      A very nice photo. Makes me wanna grab some sallad.

      I used the photo in an article on my
      Wikipedia-like public news service in an article about GI-metoden.

      A combination of a swedish news service and reference information.

      Thanks for a good photo, and good luck with your art work.

      Best Regards

    3. davidp75 91 months ago

      Certain foods aren't meant to be low carb. The Chicago style "hat dag" is one of them.

    4. refuji 89 months ago

      It is good that you ate a kosher hotdog. You should always take care to eat a kosher hotdog.

    5. lantzilla 89 months ago


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