YLNT: So sorry.

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  1. jracadio 69 months ago

    It looks like Adam is staring (and snickering) at a small boy in a tuxedo.

  2. *ejk* 69 months ago

    Are you satisfied now, Oxygen?

  3. wilywilamina 69 months ago

    Adam always seems so sad. Not because of what he's said necessarily, but because I think you guys beat him. Bear hugs, Adam. They'll get their comeuppance.

  4. SeoulBrother 69 months ago

    Except for that one thing, you guys have nothing to apologize for.

    Oh, and - Looking sharp, guys.

  5. lonelysandwich 69 months ago

    Bear hugs back, @wilywilamina! Ooh, careful. Bruises. I fell down.

  6. merlinmann 69 months ago

    I realize that I’m about to say something that’s already entirely clear to The Talent and possibly The Fun Bunch, but it’s vital that many more photos of everyone be taken in nice clothes near velvet and/or with artistic lighting. I so love this.

    Specifically, it’s critical that in the next quarter, The Talent must reassemble in suits (or possibly Adult Tuxes) to be photographed in front of a black velvet backdrop by someone of our hiring.

    Same session? I, for one, would enjoy shooting promotional shots like my Dad’s.

    Merlin Dean Mann, Jr.

    I want to look classy. I want to look like this. Specifically, this classic of two heroes comes to mind:

    Coyle and Sharpe

    Confidential to The Talent: we have an event in November around which time such a shoot would be entirely plausible. I'll get rolling on the tux estimates.

  7. ke11iente 68 months ago


    Cary Elwes.

  8. kintus maximus 68 months ago

    this is hands down the best picture on the entire internets to be your desktop at work... the WTF? factor experienced by your coworkers is quite satisfying...

    the only way it could be improved would involve a rampant field of microwavable apple cinnamon oatmeal... so sorry quakers.

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