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Page Not Found - PayPal | by merlinmann
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Page Not Found - PayPal

Here's a rich one.


My PayPal debit card magically stopped working this morning at about the same time the PayPal triple-dub was down. Coincidence? Almost certainly. But no matter.


I'll just login once the site is back up and see if there's some kind of problem with my card, right? Not so fast! I get ^this^ [indicating] when I try to login. Again, not a problem, I think.


I'll just contact customer service by phone and ask them what's up. Surely, they will be able to help me resume important consuming with my PayPal monies. But -- alas -- I must be logged in to PayPal to get access to what that phone number is. I get ^this^ [indicating] when I try to login. Yes, alas, indeed.


Thanks for the triple-morning-screwgee, PayPal. You may fellate me at length. No login required.


Update 2007-10-05 09:43:53 - Well, according to the friendly folks at PayPal (yeah, I finally got in), it was all related. The site was down and lots of people who tried to use their card at points-of-purchase got "funds not available" nastygrams.


I'm not an engineer or anything, but something about this system seems incredibly not robust.


The fellating may proceed as planned.

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Uploaded on October 5, 2007