Russki Standart Vodka

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    This should be one of the finest vodka brands in the world. A colleague of my girlfriend took it for us from Russia. We'll find out soon how it tastes! :-D

    1. perosaargentina 80 months ago | reply

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    2. Passetti 80 months ago | reply

      Keep us posted! I once bought a bottle of Mongolian wodka in Ulanbator. That's the best wodka since, in my book. :)

    3. Martin van Zurk 80 months ago | reply

      hik,hik best lekker

    4. Merlijn Hoek 80 months ago | reply

      2 last night we drunk it and I have to admit this is the best vodka I ever had. WOW!

    5. Passetti 80 months ago | reply


    6. Merlijn Hoek 80 months ago | reply

      2 bij Tonovermans op het hoofddorpplein issie ook te koop kwam ik gister achter.

    7. farsighted99 79 months ago | reply

      I saw this when I was in Novisibirsk a couple weeks ago, and believe it or not I bought some at a grocery store here in Madison,WI !

      Lots cheaper than Stolishniya and better tasting too!!!

    8. da6307 53 months ago | reply

      Yes, this is a good vodka.

      We also strongly recommend: "Stolnaya"

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