Day 23 :: the self doubt is crippling

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    1. Chelsea (Disco Tetris) 87 months ago | reply

      I really don't know you all that well.. But hang in there.. I know it's a bitch but whatever happens it WILL get better. :)

    2. NorthWestLuv 87 months ago | reply

      i hate to see someone so beatiful so sad

    3. Mississippi Snopes 87 months ago | reply

      You are very beautiful. Ciao.

    4. el imagenero 87 months ago | reply

      Meredith, you are so beautiful, in your body and certainly in the spirit you express here.

      No advice or wisdom of an elder like me can be of use to you now, I know that. But take care and rememeber as has been revealed to me and others, you have real and lasting long term value and beauty.

      In the event that your series of photos and tags is an artwork and not your personal struggle, mission accomplished and bravo.

    5. 4inthehouse 87 months ago | reply

      You look like you are trying so hard to relax in this picture... unfortunately, failing.

      I am told things will get better. So, I will tell you also, things will get better. Sorry for your pain.

    6. Amy Michelle 87 months ago | reply

      You seem like such a wonderful person. I am sorry you are going through this. I seem to have more bad days then good ones. I screwed up and it caused him to drift away. I wish I could take it back and start over. Not a minute goes by where I don't regret that stupid mistake. Maybe things would be different now. I hate this and I hate how I feel. I still love him and can't make it stop. I'm sorry for your pain, and I know that this won't make it feel any better...but for me it is nice to know that someone out there can relate to how I'm feeling. I just wish we didn't have to feel this way.

    7. s_d_anthony 87 months ago | reply

      keep your head above water Meredith. It all gets better

    8. vertigelt 87 months ago | reply

      I was just commenting a reply on one of my own selfies that I have such a hard time being real in front of the lens. I wear my heart on my sleeve in most of my life, but the artifice of capturing it in front of a camera is difficult for me to ignore.

      In this respect, your ability to ignore the broken fourth wall and be completely honest with your whole being is an amazing thing that I admire greatly. Your photos are an inspiration to me; truly, they are.

      In addition to your vision for what will make a captivating image (and the ability to execute it) and your honesty in front of the camera, the pain you're experiencing and sharing with the world is strangely beautiful. I can only hope the whole thing is cathartic for you.

      Lost love is the strangest emotion out there. It's the one sensation where you know so many other people have experienced what you're experiencing, but you're the only one experiencing this loss, right now. No one knows what this feels like, even though everyone says they can identify with you. It's a road you can only travel alone, though true friends will try to hold your hand.

      When I read your tags (like other posters), I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts when I was in the darkest stretches of the canyons of my own recent past. I know each frozen memory, each prick of familiarity stolen from quiet places in your soul... is wholly your own, unfathomable to anyone else, but I do hope that it is some solace to hear the assertion of the absolute truth that time really does heal all manner of wounds.

      You'll still feel this way tomorrow. But not forever. You'll be OK.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    9. *m5 87 months ago | reply

      when i met you i was so sure that i would spend the rest of my life with you
      i have never felt that way about anyone
      and i thought you felt the same way
      in fact, i knew you did
      but now all i know
      is that i fucked up again

      I've been there too, Meredith. But I was the one who walked away--because it wasn't right, even WITH all of that. The world is a big and beautiful and scary place, but it takes care of us, even if it doesn't always make sense.

      There ARE better days ahead, and I'm living proof.

    10. On Being 43 months ago | reply

      We've been looking for a portrait photograph to publish alongside a poem from Egyptian poet Yahia Lababidi, and this is definitely it. You can see its implementation in the post, "Learning to Pray: A Poem" on our Being Blog. Thank you, Meredith, for making this fantastic photo available via CC.

    11. Colourschema Érotique 37 months ago | reply

      So many beautiful self portraits in your stream. I've always struggled with these, but you make it look easy!

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