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2010_1107_125810AA Egyptisch Museum- Turijn- Kha's Wife Merit. | by Hans Ollermann
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2010_1107_125810AA Egyptisch Museum- Turijn- Kha's Wife Merit.

Funerary Mask of Merit, Wife of Kha.

Linen stuccoed and covered with gold leaf.

Inlaid with stone and coloured glass.

H 36 x L34 x D 52 cm.

From the tomb of Kha and his wife Merit, Deir el-Medina.


After the discovery of the tomb by the Italians the Egyptian authorities insisted only on a small part of Kha's finds so that a bronze lamp and its tall wooden support, breads, blocks of salt and 19 terracotta vases were retained by Egypt; all the rest of more than 500 items was granted to Italy.


This tomb is considered to be the best surviving furnished, non royal tomb from ancient Egypt.

Kha was architect of the Pharaoh (Amenhotep II 18th Dynasty) and responsible for building projects not just in the reign of Amenhotep II, but also in the reign of 3 or 4 kings: Tuthmosis III, Amenhotep II, Tuthmosis IV and Amenhotep III

The intact tomb was discovered by E. Schiaparelli in 1906.

The access shaft to the funerary chamber was neither located in the chapel nor in the courtyard, but at a certain distance from both.

The collapse of a nearby Ramesside tomb had hidden it completely, thus preserving the burial intact through the course of 33 centuries.

A staircase led to a corridor and ante-chamber.

The funerary provisions were placed here because there was no room in the burial chamber itself at the time of the burial.

A bed, two baskets, two amphora's and a chair were also in this ante-chamber.

The entrance to the funeral chamber was blocked by a heavy wooden door that was closed on the in-side.

The chamber itself was rectangular with smooth plastered walls.

The great rectangular sarcophagi were inside, placed along the walls and covered with linen sheets.

A statue of Kha was on a chair, which stood in front of the sarcophagus of Merit.

It was garlanded with flowers.

Egyptian Museum, Turin.


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