Set: Photo Punk
This set is for the Frankensteintax.

It is simply what you see here. I have used simple elastics and some basswood to attach an antique (1917) Series III Kodak 127 camera to a Pentax k10d. I am planning a more permanent design with a proper Pentax adapter ring.

The Pentax is run in manual mode and takes care of the shutter and film speed while the aperture is controlled by the antique lens. The antique lens, thankfully, is not moldy, and has a full shutter open mode called T which is kept open while shooting.

Check out the examples to the right here. My favorite so far.

I am going to try out some landscapes next.

$16.55 invested so far. :)
(And yes, it must be said: Yo dawg, I heard you like cameras, so I put a camera in your camera so you can take photos while you take photos)
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