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(Billings, Montana) "I'd like a room with a view of the refinery please" sounds like a phrase for a cowboy-come-industrial-saboteur fusion movie but it is what Tor told the clerk here at Crowne Plaza as we arrived in the wee hours of yesternight.


We had covered half of North Dakota and a fair piece of Montana, leaving the nature in the night to catch up after the Theodore Roosevelt NP detour. As we approached Billings, we were pleasantly surprised over the lighting on the oil installations, and ignored out need for sleep to get another, last, scene out of the day.


A small scouting tour later and we concluded that we would probably not get a chance to set up and shoot before security would show up, so we headed for the hotel and a safe distance instead--this is shot through the window of our 9th floor room while more or less sound asleep.


10,0 sec at f/9,0 | 100 ISO | Aperture priority mode | 0 EV | EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM at 70mm

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Taken on August 10, 2010