• Library's Mission Statement--see comments.

College Library

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at Davidson College, North Carolina. Well designed, thoughtful, efficient, friendly, comfortable.
I didn't really appreciate the careful geometry of this room until I saw the picture displayed on my screen!

  1. mystuart 35 months ago | reply

    On the wall:

  2. annkelliott 35 months ago | reply

    A very nicely designed, clean looking area, Melinda.

  3. Edu-Tourist 35 months ago | reply

    this mission statement is awesome - so that the director and staff posted the statement where patrons can see it...

  4. Edu-Tourist 35 months ago | reply

    Space looks so clean and orderly - recently renovated?

  5. Coyote Dave 35 months ago | reply

    Very good interior shot of that nice library

  6. Alwyn Ladell 35 months ago | reply

    But not a book in sight!

  7. mystuart 35 months ago | reply

    How right you are! They have lots of fine ones, of course, but it is all too true that the action is mostly via keyboard these days. The room to the right, behind the small windows, is the computer room, called "The Fishbowl" for the windows all around.

  8. mystuart 35 months ago | reply

    Yes, recently renovated, I'm told.

  9. lalobamfw (Thanks for 3.8+ Million Views) 35 months ago | reply

    Hard to get interior lighting and lights to work well; excellent job!
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  10. henrhyde (gill) been away 35 months ago | reply

    Beautiful design.
    Looks a relaxing and calm area.
    grand image.

  11. Alwyn Ladell 35 months ago | reply

    It seems hypocritcal when I'm keying a reply on my computer but my walls are covered in books and I'm much happier using tactile volumes with their aromas, autographs, and cuttings. I dare say there are ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians, with cuneiform tablets and heiroglyphic scrolls, looking down in disgust at my trendy (if dusty) leather-bound tomes! :D

  12. Ilhuicamina 35 months ago | reply

    Perfect for college students --- no books

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