Almost, but Still Winners

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    Argh! Dammit Rex! The pressure proved to be too strong for his first season. I tip my hat to the rest of the team - both offence and defense.

    With no leader (aka a quarterback that doesn't fade under pressure) they still made it to the pinnacle of NFL primetime. To have arrived at the Super Bowl with a less than thrilling and dare I say it, worst QB in the league, you all still kicked major ass. And for that, Da' Bears win out in my book. No other team could have done that. Imagine if Rex were spot on, the Bears would have been unstoppable. Ah, but 'tis just a memory now...

    Rex, here's to hoping you take this defeat with your head high; learn from these mistakes and next year, bring it home!

    1. publikspace* 99 months ago | reply

      but they still lost. lol.

    2. drawray 99 months ago | reply

      The "Cubs" should have let Mama Bear QB. She has a better arm than Gross-man.

    3. publikspace* 99 months ago | reply

      There will be NO next season for the Bears (Cubs). FALCONS ALL THE WAY.

    4. iammeltron 99 months ago | reply

      Falcons (Pigeons)? You mean the Michael Vick's? Yea, they aren't going anywhere.

    5. iammeltron 99 months ago | reply

      i love how the Onion put it:

      While coming up big in a 39-14 victory over the New Orleans Saints Sunday, the Chicago Bears single-handedly shouldered the burden of struggling quarterback Rex Grossman and led the otherwise hapless quarterback to the Super Bowl. "For a while there, it looked like Rex was done for, but then the Bears came out of nowhere with some great plays on defense, rushing, and special teams to pick up the slack," said NFL analyst Len Pasquarelli. "They almost literally put Rex on their collective back and carried him through that game. All season long, the Bears have shown that they can win, even in the presence of Rex Grossman." Following the game, Grossman admitted that he would "never have gotten this far" without the Bears, saying "those guys are the true reason for this team's success."

      best line: All season long, the Bears have shown that they can win, even in the presence of Rex Grossman.


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