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Assignment Redux | by Melissa Dex Guzman
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Assignment Redux

I want to make big.


I'm not going to lie. I found this pretty hard to complete this week... There's something about too much work, too much rain and too much loneliness that puts a knife right through your creativity but I fought through it. I worked hard, put my vinyl sneakers on, and do what I love to do - I took photos.


Here's a collage for this week's Nikon D90 Club challenge Assignment Redux. My personal favourite would be the one I did of the NES controller... Nintendo holds a very special place in my heart.


Macro or close-up: They don't make them like they used to - and I'm talking about video games. You can put me in the same room as an XBOX and an original NES and I'll choose Duck Hunt or Contra any day over Halo or whatever shit the cool kids are talking about these days. Taken with the kit lens under a flourescent bulb on some white poster board.


Slow Shutter Shots: Slow shutter? You got slow shutter. An f-stop of 22 and an exposure of 25 fucking seconds. Yes. Full of awesome. I guess this sort of looks like light painting too but I had to find something to do in 25 seconds, didn't I? Kit lens again yo.


Bokeh: This is my city, Vancouverrrrr. The city of rain. It's kind of depressing covering your light up with an umbrella so I choose to have a Japanese-stylez umbrella. I love being able to see where I am going under an umbrella and I still get the natural light too. This was with my beautiful bokeh lens - 50mm prime at f/1.4.. Pushed that baby open as far as it could go!


Dutch Angle: This isn't my original dutch angle... I went shooting by myself in the rain and all the long exposures looked so terrible. Too much rain, too wet, too sad. I know this isn't much better and we're all sick of my legs but I had to do something else. There be my 'less than three' foot tattoo, one of my favourites. Taken in front of a mirror with the assistance of Live View on ye kit lens.


Night Shots: Here's my backyard mall, the biggest mall in BC - Metropolis/Metrotown. I remember when it was called Eaton Center and I remember when this front looked completely different. I've been kicked out of this mall countless amounts of time for having a camera slung around my neck. I took this in the parking lot, hoping security wouldn't find me. Metered shot. Kit lens.


Panning: By far, this was the hardest shot. I just looked like a creeper at Waterfront with my camera and shot two skytrains. Luckily it only took two shots (with some practise when I was waiting at Broadway). I was overexposing at first because I thought a full second was required for that blur but it was actually only 1/10 of a second required. Kit lens of course since I was out in the public domain and needed a zoom lens.


Light Painting: w00ts, I can't believe I've had this lightsaber and haven't done anything with it. Kit lens on 6" - I used my Canon 430ex flash at the end of 4 seconds. Now I just need to find someone with the patience so I can have one of myself like this.. (You know, I am a Jedi and all.)


Zoom Burst: Here be my Logitech G15 gaming keyboard. I wish I had the first generation one so if anyone wants to trade... here's hoping! (I am a sucker for blue LEDs)... Between each zoom, I would hold for a little bit, then I continued zooming. Zing zing zing....

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Taken on November 12, 2008