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Melissa's Day, Yesterday

"Shoot video throughout a day in your life, then put it together and upload it the next day. Don't add any music or sound effects, just use what the camera recorded."


I originally saw this video and fell in love with it and then of course, fell in love with the original. I feel kind of bad that my day looks a lot like the original's but I guess the computer types think alike. This was for the Nikon D90 Club for the Lights, Camera, ACTION! challenge.


Filmed with my Nikon D90 with a 50mm f/1.4 prime and 18-105mm kit lens. 171 video clips were made, 80 were used. Note: I regret that I had to cut down this video even further - Flickr says it allows 90 second videos, but be warned - it's actually more like 87-88 seconds. I had to upload this video a few times because they kept cutting off the end.


... Again, why does Flickr always pick an ugly thumbnail?


Edit: Ooooh there are bonus points for the best video! Vote for Melissa? Because she is cool? Maybe?


UPDATE (November 27th, 2010): It's been over 2 years since I made this video and I actually made another one for Kevin Macdonald's YouTube project for "Life in a Day". I created footage on July 24th, 2010 and edited it into a video under 6 minutes. It was in the top 100 hours of footage so I can only hope that something will make it into the main film. We'll see. You can see my Life in a Day video here on YouTube.


UPDATE: I am officially a credited finalist for the "Life in a Day" project. :)

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