(365) Days of Honey
Infelizmente o projeto (365) Days of Honey, quase 3 anos após a sua conclusão, teve que ser alterado e muitas fotos foram deletadas.
O motivo: meu ex-namorado que na época exigiu participar do projeto também exigiu que as fotos em que ele aparecia fossem deletadas.
Projeto alterado no dia 28/08/2014.

I'll upload one photo per day during one year. I've decided to do this project because taking photos makes me happy, and I want to be happy every single day in 2011 :)

The photos that I'll take to this project won't be only self portraits. I will photograph things that represent my day, my dreams, my feelings...I hope you enjoy it ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

ps: thanks for all lovely comments, people! Each comment is a smile :D

First upload: 1st January, 2011.
Last upload: 31th December, 2011.
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