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060/365 : New Camera!!~ !@#$^ | by FelonyMelanie
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060/365 : New Camera!!~ !@#$^

yayyyyyy :D :D :D :D

okay, story time.


so i got this camera for christmas right?

well, last wednesday at the edge(my church's youthgroup) my sister broke my camera.


she took it from the house without asking might i add. i was hanging out with my friend hillaree before church so i didn't see my sister until church that night as we were leaving.

so i'm walking over to her and her group of friends to tell her our mom was there to pick us up, and next thing i know i see my red shiny camera flying through the air and SMACKING the concrete right on the lens.


my stomach dropped out of my butt.

i waited until we got in the car and then i went off on her (didn't wanna embarrass her, and/or me by making a scene at church lol)

according to her i said she could borrow it...umm...BULLLLLLLSHIT!..


so screaming fight aside, my mom was like "okay you know what this means right" to my sister and maddie's all "yeah i know i have to buy her a new one"


so it's like bittersweet for me. bitter cause i didn't have a camera anymore but sweet, cause i was getting a new one. and i kinda didn't like the exilim anyways cause the pictures were always SUPPPPERRRR grainy when i didn't use flash and with flash they just sucked too, so yeah.


so my mom was like okay no more casios, cause maddie's exilim broke, and so did my brother matts. and my friend katelyns, and her boyfriends did too.

so obviously exilim's are just a bit defective.


so that meant i was getting a canon again! :D my second dig camera was a canon sd400, and i loved it. it broke may of '06.


butt, the only downer of that would be i had to pay the difference of the cost of the camera, cause the exilim was only 150 and that's what my sister would pay, and canons are usually like 100 more than casios.

BUT my mom found the sd1000 at staples today for 150~! meaning i don't have to pay anything. sort of. cause we bought this 3 year full coverage warranty for like 50 bucks which covers spills, drops, breaks, everything. which is def something i need because i'm jinxed when it comes to electronics (phones are the worst).


annnnd she got me a cute little green case for it and a 2 gig memory card!


so goodbye gross grainy pictures, hello crisp clean beautiful ones!

xD xD xD


i just noticed, i say the word "so" entirely too much


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