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Journey Figure | by Melan-E
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Journey Figure

From my previous post you may notice I am quite the fan of the Sony Exclusive game, Journey.


I posted a micro "teaser" of what was to come and here it is! I have wanted to build a large scale representation of the creature/character from Journey for a few years now but always had difficulty with trying to depict the beauty and flowy-ness of the figure and game. I've been pushing myself to build more creatively the past year which has allowed me to finally be able to create something like this. My focus was to create the feeling I felt while playing this game, more so than complete accuracy. Whilst controlling the character there is this playfullness in the fabric, and the artistic movement of the character when it jumps or glides in the air.


The actual character in the game has a trim of gold on the skirting that becomes stronger as you progress; that was the only thing that I was not able to do as my skirting reached a point where any more weight on top was not possible. The great thing about the game is your character grows and weakens throughout your journey, losing/gaining its gold markings or shortening/lengthening its scarf dependant of how you play. So although I was not able to add this detail, it is quite a fitting depiction of how life works: losing and gaining, and learning from it. I think thats why this game is so amazing.


The figure is 15 inches tall, and 9 inches wide without the scarf. It is magically held up with two trans-clear technic beams, and although quite sturdy, it wobbles like a bobble-head when moved. I honestly don't know how its staying upright hahahaa! I tried quite alot of different techniques, hence why this took me a while to build. I found shaping and motion more important than the typical smoothness most builders strive towards nowadays, maybe its because I focus on the artistry of LEGO more than anything else.


My favourite part of creating this was actually listening to the OST while building. It made me feel like I was part of the creation process of the game, like I was literally building this character and bringing it to life.


This will be displayed at BrickCan Vancouver next week and at BrickWorld Chicago in June!


Thanks for reading!


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Uploaded on April 15, 2017