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    1. Claudina Cavaco 89 months ago | reply

      Oh, but she is so lovely!

    2. Melacacia ☽ 89 months ago | reply

      I know... She really is, but for some reason I am just not bonding with her like I had hoped... We'll see, if she doesn't' find a new home I don't think I will be that disappointed :)

    3. BOriginals 89 months ago | reply

      awww she is beautiful!

    4. Mel Reguera 89 months ago | reply

      she is really cute :D

    5. Vainilladolly 89 months ago | reply

      maybe you could try a tiny one, i find people bond easily with them ^____^
      (i'm not gonna talk about me since i am adicted LOL)

    6. Melacacia ☽ 89 months ago | reply

      bianca María Isabel Reguera Thank you :)
      Vainilladolly hmmm, I just might have to try that, Olga! ;)

    7. **Suzy** 89 months ago | reply

      She is so beautiful Mel, I love your photos of her and the changes you made with her face up. Personally I think shes gorgeous. :)

    8. Willobea 89 months ago | reply

      She is just breathtaking!

    9. melocotonera 89 months ago | reply

      She is adorable!
      Can I make a question? She have the new body?
      I'm going to buy a Luria and I don't know if the new body is better than the oldest body.


    10. Melacacia ☽ 89 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Suzy and Willobea :)
      Melocotonera, thank you. Yes my Luria came with the "Happy New Girl Body" which is a cute body, but is also a little bit strange for me... I think it might be considered "double jointed"? I find it more difficult to hold poses with, so I would have to say that I prefer the other type of body, but that is just my personal opinion..., Others may love it! :)

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