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Miku's Nyappy Plushy! | by mei_fang_chan
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Miku's Nyappy Plushy!

25/3/08 - An Cafe's first concert in the UK. We were waiting eagerly for the band to appear. Their equipment had already been taken inside, and I had been lucky enough to touch Miku's Nyappy Plushy.

It was so cold outside! So my friend and I were wrapped nice and warm in a big duvet XD, which was rather amusing to passers by. Also, about 90% of the people attending where in some sort of harajuku get up, including cosplays, decora and Pikuachu jump suits (:

It made passers by rather alarmed. My friend and I got inquired 13 times as to what was happening XD!

Anyway, we waited 10 hours for the actual concert, which began at 7:00pm. But, at 5:00pm, the band arrived. My friend and I rushed over to their coach, tripping on our rather large duvet as we ran. Soon enough a big crowd of 'cafekkos' had gathered around the back entrance to the venue. I was lucky enough to be at the front - unfortunately my friend got pushed back a little. Some rather 'butch' looking men arrived and set up barriers so that we were unable to 'glomp' An Cafe in any way >.////<! A first taxi arrived. A gleam of blonde and dark brown hair was just visible through the slightly darkened taxi windows. The doors were open, and out stepped Miku (vocals) and Teruki (drums). They both bounced happily towards the venue, between the safety of the barriers. As they walked down the centre of the crowds, Miku smiled widely behind his large designer glasses (what is it with singers and glasses XD), and nodded his head at everyone saying 'I love you, I love you' over and over again at his beloved fans. Teruki, on the other hand, held out one of his hand for a couple of fans, giving them high fives, one of those fans being me >////<! Waving happily at everyone, Miku and Teruki disappeared into the guarded shadows of the venue. Luckily I just managed to pat Miku on the back and shoulder too!

We waited eagerly for the other three band members to arrive in their taxi. My heart began to beat frantically between my ribs as another taxi pulled up. But, the taxi didn't stop, for some strange reason, it drove behind the crowd, and I could just about make out a blond, curly wig, black spiky hair, and brown hair from the taxi. In reaction to the taxi pulling up behind the crowd, everyone ran over to it, leaving the barriers behind them. I, on the other hand, remained were I was, at the front of the barriers. Instinct telling me to stay put. My friend hollered to me, "Come on, run over here, they're getting out!"

For the sake of it, I hopped (I was wrapped in a duvet) over a little away from the barriers towards the moving crowd, only to hear my friend yell, "NO, turn back, turn back, they're moving towards the barriers!"

Without a second thought, I threw myself to the front of the barrier, luckily just as other people began to push their way behind and to the sides of me. Yuki, Kannon and Takuya walked bouncily down through the barriers. As you can imagine, the crowd was shouting such things as 'Nyappy, and We love you!' So, they were very happy, and each one of the members of An Cafe were wearing rather large grins. As Takuya and Yuki passed me, I managed to, yet again, pat them on their shoulders. But, as Kannon passed, I held out my hand, and he high fived me, his face lit with joy at being greeted so warmly! I couldn't help but smile back, as everyone else was doing too, it was such a warm moment, where both band and audience felt like they were connected, not as 'idol and fan' but, more like long lost relatives, waiting patiently and longingly to see each other. As I returned to my place in the long queue that seemed to stretch on for miles, I smiled to myself and thought, "Now I truly understand the meaning of Nyappy."

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Taken on March 25, 2008