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Pi Pie

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I made this for my work on pi day(3/14).

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  1. gabyr 108 months ago | reply

    Beautiful. I need to find number cookie cutters.

    I etched a glass "pi" dish once, with the same design you used here -- greek symbol in the center, about 50 digits going around the outside. It was pretty and made a great gift for a fellow geek.

  2. rebeckspe 107 months ago | reply

    I'm having a Pi Approximation Day party on 22/7 and found your pie while shopping for pi pie ideas for the party! I love it! Not sure if I'll be able to pull it off tho....

    Will keep you posted!

  3. FlyButtafly 105 months ago | reply

    This is super clever - and super tasty looking! My mouth is watering now. I want some pi(e)! :D (Is it cherry, btw?)

  4. Kittster 105 months ago | reply

    That's some nice looking pie. To all the hecklers trying to show they know math - there's a reason mathematicians aren't instinctively considered sexy and it's not because they aren't by physical definition... ;-)

  5. greendrz 102 months ago | reply


  6. NG71 99 months ago | reply

    LOL. Cleverly done!

  7. lorrwill 99 months ago | reply

    This is brill! I wish I had time to bake - but I don't have a way to cut the numbers anyway...

  8. ktpupp 99 months ago | reply

    Happy Pi Day 2007!

  9. VROG in Bristol 96 months ago | reply

    top pi
    fantastic job
    (there was me thinking we were being original)

  10. HeatherWeaver 86 months ago | reply

    what an awesome pie! Thank you for sharing! mmm, pie. Now I'm craving pie!

  11. 'shalla 82 months ago | reply

    it is amazing how many places your picture turns up
    friend of mine was making a pi vs pie joke on a post and i thought to see if anyone had combined the two... if you type "pi of pie" on google image you will find a few that show your pic

    great idea though, i will have to try making a lemon pi pie soon for practice lol

  12. Hammer51012 79 months ago | reply

    PI r 2... Pie are NOT square... Pie are round, Cornbread are square.

  13. Three-Legged-Cat 75 months ago | reply

    That's a brilliant idea! I've been looking for things to do for Pi Day this year and you've inspired me. I'm definitely going to have a go at making one of these.

  14. spark_editor 73 months ago | reply

    Your photo has been featured on The Spark of Yahoo!


    Thank you,
    The Spark Team

  15. tepanna 50 months ago | reply

    I linked your photo of your fantastic pie from my blog, I hope it is OK?

  16. anapraxis 38 months ago | reply

    is this pie endless too?

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