Drinking beer

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    My Thai soda beer at dinner. They brought a mug of ice and a straw!

    1. jakedobkin 114 months ago | reply

      does soda beer really taste like soda? so exciting!

    2. megnut 114 months ago | reply

      No, it's just normal beer. But instead of a plain old mug, they brought a mug full of ice with a straw. So I poured the beer in and drank it like a 'soda'! Actually, it was quite nice that way, less fizzy and very refreshing. Also, notice how GIANT the beer is! You get two beers worth of beer in Bangkok when you order a beer.

    3. mikkee1973 114 months ago | reply

      'atta girl...

    4. McPHX 114 months ago | reply

      So is the high school urban myth true? Drinking beer through a straw gets you drunk faster?

    5. holgate 114 months ago | reply

      Ah, but have you discovered Mekhong whiskey yet?

    6. falameufilho 114 months ago | reply

      Mmmmm that reminds me of the 1 liter Heinekens from Buenos Aires for 3 pesos (a little more than a dollar).

    7. Hans Nilsson [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      We got some huge (ass) beers in New Orleans, almost big enough to get you one trip up and down Bourbon.

    8. jfrank 114 months ago | reply

      Here, at the both banks of the river plate, Argentina an Uruguay, the most popular size of a beer is one liter.

      We also do have 1/3lcans, 1/2l and 2/3l bottles which usually are the regular sizes at pubs etc, while the liter (actually 970cc) is more common in bars, low cost restaurants, supermarkets and so on.

      So the perfect summer evening, is strolling by the river drinking beer from this litter bottles.

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