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Pyra olden days

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Found this photo of Ev while I was digging around some old files. This was taken in my living room in San Francisco, when Pyra was just the two of us, before we even had an office.

Prob. late Feb/early March 1999.

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  1. scottpartee ages ago | reply

    That's, like, old skool.

  2. Gen Kanai ages ago | reply

    Well before Blogger I assume :)

  3. megnut ages ago | reply

    Yup, pre-Blogger. This is from when we were still working on our project management application (called Pyra b/c we never got around to naming it).

  4. MetaGrrrl ages ago | reply

    This was when you were down in the south bay a couple days a week working on that project at HP with me and Clemens, right?

    I love Ev's Thinking Big Big Thoughts pose. :)

  5. megnut ages ago | reply

    Yup, we did HP work for about a year.

  6. mucha_muchacha ages ago | reply

    what kind of place is that (where the picture was taken)?
    It seems like my class-room at univ.

    Apart from that...

    whatis PYRA?

  7. megnut ages ago | reply

    As the description says, it was in my living room. But we were working there, so it had turned into an office, with a white board, two desks, etc.

  8. hansgeorg2011 72 months ago | reply

    Ev, in libraries in Paris, websense (a site used to control employees' web use by employers) is used to block blogger, as of now functions comment and login and create/edit


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