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I got started on tanning my Rolly tonight to mod her into my deergirl. Sadly, things went awry and I ended up with this.


I'm not sure what I did wrong.... I bought Tan Rit Dye. I studied the tutorials on DoA and watched a few on youtube.


When I tested a piece, it ended up with a strange blue circle on one side. And so I tested another piece and it didn't seem to take any dye at all.


And so I braved it, and decided to dye her faceplate. I dip dyed her for 5 minutes... and during this entire time I couldn't tell she was turning blue instead of brown.




Somehow... I'm not mad, or angry, or even sad. Just disappointed. And really, I'm glad it was her face that I dipped and not some other part of her. This way.... well.... this way the entire doll is ruined and not just a random part of her.


I don't think of her as ruined though. Something truly awesome will come from this, I just know it. Rolly and I have butted heads since day one.... at this point, she is just showing me the path! Whatever you want, Rolly, I will give it to you!




Stubborn damn doll.


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Taken on August 1, 2012