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What Will Come Of Us Today? (116/365)

In Tuscaloosa, Alabama for orientation, which starts tomorrow. Staying in a hotel with my parents. Those bitches took the bedroom! If a killer breaks in I'm the first one they'll shoot!! haha Anyways, I'm going to be up here for a few days.


And also, I feel like I've gotten out of my rut of falling behind on my 365. Now I'm taking so many pictures I don't know what to do with them all! I'm set for weeks! It feels good to have gone through that feeling of wanting to quit and coming out on the other side more in love with photography than ever!


Currently I'm reading Paper Towns by John Green, and (if you follow my photostream you'll know) I love to put excerpts of things I'm currently reading in the description. So here goes:


Did you know that for pretty much the entire history of the human species, the average life span was less than thirty years? You could count on ten years or so of real adulthood, right? There was no planning for retirement. There was no planning for a career. There was no planning. No time for planning. No time for a future. But then the life spans started getting longer, and people started having more and more future, and so they started spending more time thinking about it. About the future. And now like has BECOME the future. Every moment of your life is lived for the future-you go to high school so you can go to college so you can get a good job so you can get a nice house so you can afford to send your kids to college so they can get a good job so they can get a nice house so they can afford to send their kids to college.


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Taken on July 11, 2010