• mrow mrow. I suspect cats and yeoz don't really mesh irl.
  • she never calls, never logs in *sniff*
  • For the last time, "schmo" has never crossed my lips.

    Or something.

    He likes some really obscure music and one of these days I might actually yield to giving it a try too. ;)
  • My favorite biologist flickr friend of all I've met irl. ALL!

    Ok, I'm being silly.

    But I did give him a bigger box deliberately because he's so special.
  • Too cute. His kids will drip in cutieness.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if she looked like Audrey irl!
  • exudes magic tinkerbell dust. He can do anything. Be anything. All for $3.99/min
  • ice, ice, baby.

    doo doooo dooo.
  • They must share a box for their communal hipness. This (flickr) world wouldn't exist were it not for their godliness.
  • Hi Julian of the Sunflowers!
  • Needs a muzzle and a leash. :P :) But only to protect women.
  • How can you not love her?
  • He should come here more. One of the most clever flickr denizens!
  • most deserving of anything good :)
  • Also very cute. If he and matt had offspring, the kids would instantly slay the world. While quoting philosophy and analyzing The Whole Universe.
  • I'm going to be selva in my next life. And once my fake id comes through.
  • I'm in awe of Emily. She's what I'd be if I majored in physics. And had red hair. And was much, much, much smarter.
  • oh kn0w1, kn0w1, where art thou, kung fu master?

1000 contacts ;) (notes updated may 30th)

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Trinity and polymath blues added this photo to their favorites.

  1. GreyArea ages ago | reply

    I wonder...

  2. Meer ages ago | reply

    Wonder what?

  3. GreyArea ages ago | reply

    How many biologist flickr friends you've met irl. :p

  4. striatic ages ago | reply

    okay. so the new trend {starting now} is to leave a comment on this image, telling meer what a wonderful friend she is.

  5. hanni ages ago | reply

    Woo! Meer, could you add this to
    Faces of Flickr?

  6. GreyArea ages ago | reply

    So, striatic's trend never caught on, but Meer is the bestest friend ever!

  7. Meer ages ago | reply

    Haha, *snf*. Probably the only of striatic's trends to not do so...

    12 minutes ago? Why aren't you online, buddy? :/

  8. ẄỉźЌĭđ ages ago | reply

    What?? No note on me??

    /me hangs his head and poofs

  9. skiingutah 89 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Favorites Montages, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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