• Eric, 'mute, neb, Caterina, Bees, pheww.
  • Loli, George clone, fboosman, Jaen
  • Everyone's favorite absentee enigma
  • Hurricane fan striatic
  • handy bite size!
  • worried!
  • cartoony tryptych and a butterfly
  • is the circle half-grey? or half-white?
  • *sideways smooch*
  • The kid who's a whiz at duct tape, but I can't remember his name
  • Emily from WI - Yogi
  • Fluor (hawt), Capo and Old Tasty - Yogi
  • That's me and George! - Yogi
  • pixel and mina - Yogi
  • The one and only... :) - Monkeye
  • I'm here!!! - j david
  • et moi! - tombot18
  • Danny, banjo player from Canananananada. - Josh Mishell
  • What nerd has this photo? Oh, yeah, that's me. At least I was rocking the Deadwood moustache for like 5 minutes. - Josh Mishell
  • Signalstation, king of the frogs
  • Love this sketch of selva
  • Bhikku
  • Right under King of the Hurricanes is the adorable Matt, hockey player and fan extraordinaire.
  • orbyn, Tin Corner
  • Desi
  • At the bottom, which in previous incarnations of this sheet would be at the top, is headlessness, nthdegx, JH, hexagon sun, kid for today...
  • minim
  • Hrm... a sneaky throwaway acct perhaps
  • you've got so many friends, **sniff** - dolphinlink
  • PlurpPlurpPlurpPlurpPlurpPlurpPlurp... - rvacapinta
  • typography squares
  • emily!
  • I beg to differ. 'Tis Vacapinta, or banubula. ;)
  • Abu!
  • It took me so long to find myself..:) - TwistedNerve
  • Woohoo!!

    Here I am! I'm being chased by a dinosaur! - TheHotVikster
  • meeeeeeeeee - kerouaciness
  • Peter / excession - Peter
  • Subverted / Outis - Peter
  • Hey All! - scott_rtw
  • kei ma! - Vanlal.
  • Trinity - Vanlal.
  • Prentiss Riddle - Vanlal.
  • ellipse - Vanlal.
  • Mouse - Vanlal.
  • cygnoir - Vanlal.
  • kallese - Vanlal.
  • cior - Vanlal.
  • MrTopf - Vanlal.
  • GustavoG, Lord of Graphs - Vanlal.
  • Peter Norby - Vanlal.
  • camelfromspace - Vanlal.
  • sbpoet - Vanlal.
  • minim aka Caitlin Rowley - Vanlal.
  • not minim! - Vanlal.
  • Rouver! (Remember the fight we had over him? Ok ok, it was my fault.) :) - Vanlal.
  • spiralz - Vanlal.
  • Weston Renoud aka rogue drone/ducky - Vanlal.
  • A very hawt looking nedrichards aka Nick - Vanlal.
  • I think this is screwdriver. - Vanlal.
  • jimster leering at lushlush - Vanlal.
  • sui generis - Vanlal.
  • txkimmers - Vanlal.
  • bayat aka Berge Gazen - Vanlal.
  • carpolena - Vanlal.
  • wirehead, Lord of Lights - Vanlal.
  • Some random guy who no one on Flickr has heard of . - Vanlal.
  • tampen - Vanlal.
  • emilyann - Vanlal.
  • geegaw - Vanlal.
  • Broken Haiku - minim

Flickr friends

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Had to make a new one after I was struck by my inability to name most of the people. Did note that everyone shifted up several people as my original flickr friends have created new accts and/or disappeared.

When the flickr chat applet was in big use you'd see someone's icon more frequently, it seemed. So now I can't identify them like I used to.

See also: www.flickr.com/photos/meer/38024/

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  1. Yogi 107 months ago | reply

    C1R3 - bhikku
    C7R2 - Miasorella
    C3R3 - Matt, with C4R3 Ellipse and C6R3 Mouse, C7R3 Flipster, C8R3 Star Shine ... super hero by night is C16R13 and Cior is right at the end.
    C2R4 Abu, C6R4 Cygnoir, C8R4 JDavid, wootam is third from the end.
    Selva starts Row 5, also has jimdan, becky, chicawhappa,
    Row 6 has Ip, carpolena, wizkid, camel of space, sui generis,

    ... I see tonnes and tonnes more I recognize.

  2. Meer 107 months ago | reply

    Hey, I was getting there.


    Do you think I'm made out of time? ;)

    (thanks for filling in my chart though! :) )

  3. Meer 107 months ago | reply

    Plus I do like adding editorial comments, which takes longer. :)

  4. Meer 107 months ago | reply

    And WizKid is on the top row...not the 6th?

  5. Yogi 107 months ago | reply

    Yeah, as soon as I saw the tyre I said, uh oh... but couldn't be bothered correcting it. I was confusing his icon with Maggie's :)

    Also, feel free to delete mine and add your editorial ones, of course. As if you need my permission.

  6. EleanorRigby 107 months ago | reply

    Yes yes, among others I found chicawhappa, tingly, miasorella, abulafia, greywolf... but no ratties (snif).

  7. rvacapinta 107 months ago | reply

    Thats Jason (you know, wintermute?) right after Eric. :)

    The white square on the top row is Peter. Trinity is to the right of Grey.

    Inspoetica is to the right of Miasorella.

  8. Meer 107 months ago | reply

    Good catch, ER! Remedied. ;)

  9. Vanlal. 107 months ago | reply

    The chat made them seem more familiar.

  10. yadz2012 39 months ago | reply

    wow!i like it so nice!how can i make like that!

  11. skenzy 26 months ago | reply

    I need friends

  12. namadave 24 months ago | reply

    Can i find a true friend again?

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