Walter Benjamin archives show at the Musée d'art et d'histoire Judaïsme
beautiful and heartbreaking and amusing.

link to the show

link to the PDF being distributed at the show

In a way, though, I think the show suffers from insufficient Marxism! After all, we don't get a lot about the conditions of Benjamin's work except in terms of the assistance he received from his coterie and supporters and, of course, the murderous inconvenience he suffered from the Nazis. But the show gives us nothing about his sponging off his wife's work and inheritance (who knows that Dora Benjamin was a journalist?) and his refusal to fund the nurture of his son, Stefan Rafael. There's also, oddly, no indication in the show that both Dora and Stefan long survived the war (Dora died in the mid 60s, Stefan in the mid 70s).
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