Illini Summer Academies - June 2010
High school students from around the state took over the UI-7 set in the Richmond Teaching Studio on June 28 and 29 to learn the ins and outs of broadcast journalism. As part of the Illini Summer Academies, sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension 4-H Youth Development and the Department of Journalism in the College of Media, the students got hands-on experience in filming, reporting, and editing a television news story.

Coached by John Paul, lecturer in journalism, Kate Brickman, UI-7 program coordinator, and Mitch Kazel, director of broadcast journalism fesources and facilities, the teenagers worked in the newly installed UI-7 news set and production room. Jhane Reifsteck, a journalism graduate student, helped to coordinate the program with the Extension staff.

"The youth seemed to really enjoy the experience," said Debra Stocker, extension specialist with 4-H Youth Development. "One of our planning
committee members was really enthusiastic about what they
did and learned."

Photos by Kate Brickman, UI-7 program coordinator.
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