• 3 cm
  • 6,5 cm
  • 10cm
  • 6,5 cm
  • 3 cm
  • 11,5 cm
  • 4 cm
  • 4 cm
  • 1,5 cm
  • DIN A4
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • cut here
  • Cut black areas off
  • don't cut this black area off, it's just the overlapping area
  • size of the flash unit
  • simple adapter unit to fit onto the flash

DIY Flash Softbox (+3 in comments)

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The second version has black sides and the front can be replaced (lighter paper/colored paper)...

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PPS: Published on D I Y Photography ! A great page !

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  1. bolly1965 48 months ago | reply

    Very clever!!!

    is there a .pdf template and full instructions available?

  2. MS4d 48 months ago | reply

    Amazing .. thanks for this one .. :)

  3. HariDatta.co.uk 48 months ago | reply

    looks like light comes from the sides, you might want to try making all of it black apart from the front panel (the only bit that is really allowed to let light out), and maybe lining the inside with silver material such as foil...

  4. Grenadad 48 months ago | reply

    cool DIY. I might try something like this when I get another flash.

  5. Dennis_Ramos 45 months ago | reply

    Cool, cool, cool!

  6. MedEvac71 45 months ago | reply

    The second version with black side covers and an exchangeable front (lighter paper)

  7. Barnaby_S 45 months ago | reply

    can I add to the request for a printable version (PDF would be easiest but an JPEG would be great).

  8. pablography 45 months ago | reply

    requesting PDF version so I dont have to think. You could just scan at 100% and then use a free pdf creation software and "print" to a file. thank you for the inspiration!

  9. zigazou76 45 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the share !

    Here’s a PDF template for DIY flash softbox (1.2 Ko) .

    Print it, even if your computer complains about it being out of print range, it doesn’t matter. This template has been designed for the Sony HVL-F42 flash system (7 cm wide) but should work for others.

    For the full instructions, just cut the dotted line and the four steps shown in the photo will be more than enough to accomplish the rest.

  10. JoeMBlair 44 months ago | reply

    I'm confused what you do between step 2 and 3?

  11. mgw_wgw 44 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the excellent instructions :) Nice light weight, minimal space requirements .. what else do you need?
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  12. def_dfa_sst 40 months ago | reply

    Very Cool. But Seeing pictures how it's done is one thing, actually making one just based on this picture is not easy. A video would be nice so we can see how it's done. Thank You.

  13. chriswsonic357 23 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much for making this project available to us non-paper experts. I made mine today and it definitely helped. I have to agree with the above commenter ( )... I had some trouble figuring it out, so I had to use clear packing tape to hold it together. You can see my result here... instagr.am/p/LWOXkOEZ3J/

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